Tanz und Migration (Dance and Migration)


Multilingual Movement Texts, Hybrid Choreographies and Transcultural Legibility

Engagement with and dialogue about dance, migration and aesthetic diversity with various publics is central to this research communication project. Dance inhabits an ambiguous position in discourses around migration and the cultural sector (particularly in German-speaking areas): on the one hand, dance serves as a prime example for internationality in the performing arts; on the other hand, however, it also harbours an extraordinary potential for the performance of otherness through „foreign/other“ dance and movement languages.

With its focus on artistic, cultural, and aesthetic diversity, and multilingual movement texts, this communication project is based on the current stand-alone research project Traversing the Contemporary (pl.): Choreographic Articulations between European and Indian Dance (Austrian Science Fund (FWF) P24190), which critically interrogates the aesthetic category of „the contemporary“ by way of dance, postcolonial and cultural studies based analyses of the hybrid choreographic practices of artists living and working in Europe. Paying close attention to the cultural „groundrealities“ of 21st century Europe, concepts of „own/familiar“ and „foreign/other“ that dominate discourses of migration and the arts are being critically examined in the course of these choreographic analyses. 


The communication activities aim to address distinct publics in each part of the project, and strive to increase awareness of an existing diversity and communicate approaches for an open and enriching engagement with this diversity.

Because all of the acitivities took place in Austria with (mainly) German speaking participants the following informations will be in German.